Moana Princess Party Character | Ever After Entertainment | Toronto ON

Looking for the perfect addition for a summer princess party? Invite the beautiful and strong party character Moana to your child’s party!

Moana is sure to bring some magic to your party, and it will be a “Splashingly” good time! And yes, of course we know that Moana is not a “princess” but she does wear a dress and has an animal sidekick.. so she is pretty close! Our Moana princess party character will sing her favourite songs, tell her amazing adventure story and will even give your party guests a mini dance lesson! Don’t forget to say “Thank you” & “You’re Welcome” to this Island Voyager as she has traveled many seas (across the Greater Toronto Area) to come to your party and name the birthday child an Honorary Princess- yes that’s right, the birthday guest of honour will become a real princess! That means that she will receive a tiara & certificate- nothing is official until it’s on paper!

Contact Ever After Entertainment to inquire about inviting  our Moana Princess Party Character to your little one’s special day! You can reach one of our magical booking agents at (416) 535 4004, or you can always email us at

We can’t wait to hear from you soon!



Moana Parody Party Character